Generation C: A Mother's Guide to Climate Change

Climate change will be the most pressing issue facing the current generation of children, Generation “C,” including those born in the last 5-10 years and those who will be born in the next 15. Every generation faces a defining challenge, and climate change is poised to be the central issue of our children’s time. What will this mean for our kids? How can we – as mothers – help to prepare our families for the massive changes that are predicted, and already starting to occur? Can we realistically take action to reverse the effects of climate change? Generation C: A Mother’s Guide to Climate Change will provide mothers with the information and tools to take positive action on climate change, in an accessible, engaging, factual, hopeful, and inspiring manner.

Generation C will cover three broad themes. It will begin by making the case for mothers taking action and guide the reader through the basic “what, why, when, who, where” facts in an easily digestible format. This section will outline the essential climate science, politics, economics, and the information about anticipated impacts that mothers need to be informed on the subject. Part Two will lay out how climate change will likely affect our families in the future, and provide a framework for how to think about the opportunities for, and barriers to, change. This section will cover lessons learned and focus in on the strategies needed to create real, lasting change. The final section of the book will provide mothers with a roadmap for engaging in positive change and lay out the tools and resources necessary to get started.

Generation C: A Mother’s Guide to Climate will be released next year. Please contact us to learn more about the book. Please also be in touch to share your story, your concerns, and your thoughts.