Do Something!

Join the worldwide movement of people taking action to reverse climate change. There is a lot that you and your family can do to both cut down your own climate impact, and to encourage the public and private sector shifts that are necessary to cut emissions.

What is Your Carbon Footprint?

Take the test – Finding out about your own carbon footprint – a measure of the impact of our activities on climate change – is the first step in determining the easiest way to make appropriate and effective changes. In the US, you can also try the CoolClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Know what steps you can take to reduce your family’s own carbon footprint.

1. Carbon Footprint offers some quick tips for reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Act On CO2 is a UK government initiative tackling climate change. The “What You Can Do” page provides a great overview of steps we can take to reduce our own emissions, from clothing and food to energy use and travel. The site also gives an introduction to some business-led and government-led efforts for change.

3. No-Impact Week Guide (US): Go on a carbon-cleanse and try to make no impact for one week! Follow this easy to use guide for a how-to.

4. 10:10 Campaign (UK): Commit to cutting 10% of your CO2 emissions in 2010. 10:10 is an ambitious project to unite every sector of British society behind one simple idea: that by working together we can achieve a 10% cut in the UK’s carbon emissions in 2010.

Take Action for Broader Shifts in Global Emissions

In addition to personal actions, it is vital that we add our voice in support of the political changes that are necessary to create the conditions for global change. Here are a few great places to start.

1. TckTckTck is an unprecedented global alliance, representing hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life. It is made up of leading international, national and local organizations addressing environment, development, poverty, human rights, health and humanitarian issues. It represents faith-based groups, youth groups, trade unions and individuals all calling for a fair, ambitious and binding climate change agreement in December 2009 in Copenhagen. Learn how you can get involved.

2. Transition Towns are community-based alliances around the world that are building local responses to peak oil and climate change, building resilience and happiness. Find out about efforts in your area at In the US, visit

3. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) – A 5-step action plan for an American response to climate change.